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See the [Action Cable Overview](action_cable_overview.html) guide for more
-### Rails API
-[Pull Request](
+### API Applications
+Rails can now be used to create slimmed down API only applications.
+This is useful for creating and serving APIs similar to [Twitter]( or [GitHub]( API,
+that can be used to serve public facing, as well as, for custom applications.
+You can generate a new api Rails app using:
+$ rails new my_api --api
+This will do three main things:
+- Configure your application to start with a more limited set of middleware
+ than normal. Specifically, it will not include any middleware primarily useful
+ for browser applications (like cookies support) by default.
+- Make `ApplicationController` inherit from `ActionController::API` instead of
+ `ActionController::Base`. As with middleware, this will leave out any Action
+ Controller modules that provide functionalities primarily used by browser
+ applications.
+- Configure the generators to skip generating views, helpers and assets when
+ you generate a new resource.
+The application provides a base for APIs,
+that can then be [configured to pull in functionality](api_app.html) as suitable for the application's needs.
+See the [Using Rails for API-only Applications](api_app.html) guide for more
### Active Record attributes API

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