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New applications generated from Rails 4.2 now comes with the Web Console gem by
Web Console is an IRB console available in the browser. In development mode, you
can go to /console and do your work right there. It will also be made available
on all exception pages and allows you to jump between the different points in
the backtrace.
Web Console is a set of debugging tools for your Rails application. It comes
with an interactive console for every error page, a `console` view helper and
VT100 compatible terminal.
The interactive console on the error pages let you execude code where the
exception originated. Its quite handy to introspect the state that let to that
The `console` view helper launches an interactive console with the context of
the view right on the page its invoked on.
Finally, you can lunch a VT100 terminal that runs `rails console`. If you need
to create or modify existing test data, you can do that straight from the
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