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fixed typo in test method name

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vijaydev authored and fxn committed Dec 5, 2010
1 parent b4b6ffe commit ab880742deb1bb433be0ec2b45b606bfa32b7ea5
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@@ -183,7 +183,7 @@ class PostTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
The +PostTest+ class defines a _test case_ because it inherits from +ActiveSupport::TestCase+. +PostTest+ thus has all the methods available from +ActiveSupport::TestCase+. You'll see those methods a little later in this guide.
-def test_truth
+def test_the_truth
Any method defined within a +Test::Unit+ test case that begins with +test+ (case sensitive) is simply called a test. So, +test_password+, +test_valid_password+ and +testValidPassword+ all are legal test names and are run automatically when the test case is run.
@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ This will run all the test methods from the test case.
You can also run a particular test method from the test case by using the +-n+ switch with the +test method name+.
-$ ruby unit/post_test.rb -n test_truth
+$ ruby -Itest test/unit/post_test.rb -n test_the_truth
Loaded suite unit/post_test
@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ There are a bunch of different types of assertions you can use. Here's the compl
|+assert( boolean, [msg] )+ |Ensures that the object/expression is true.|
|+assert_equal( obj1, obj2, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj1 == obj2+ is true.|
|+assert_not_equal( obj1, obj2, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj1 == obj2+ is false.|
-|+assert_same( obj1, obj2, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj1.equal?(obj2)+ is true.|
+|+assert_same( obj1, obj2, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj1.equal?(obj2)+ is true.|
|+assert_not_same( obj1, obj2, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj1.equal?(obj2)+ is false.|
|+assert_nil( obj, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj.nil?+ is true.|
|+assert_not_nil( obj, [msg] )+ |Ensures that +obj.nil?+ is false.|

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