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AS guide: documents Regexp#multiline?

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+h4. +multiline?+
+The method +multiline?+ says whether a regexp has the +/m+ flag set, that is, whether the dot matches newlines.
+%r{.}.multiline? # => false
+%r{.}m.multiline? # => true
+'.').multiline? # => false'.', Regexp::MULTILINE).multiline? # => true
+Rails uses this method in a single place, also in the routing code. Multiline regexps are disallowed for route requirements and this flag eases enforcing that constraint.
+def assign_route_options(segments, defaults, requirements)
+ ...
+ if requirement.multiline?
+ raise ArgumentError, "Regexp multiline option not allowed in routing requirements: #{requirement.inspect}"
+ end
+ ...
h3. Extensions to +Range+
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