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content_for does not work when rendering erb from helper #2097

iamveen opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

Gavin Dunne Brian Racer Isaac Sanders Steve Klabnik
Gavin Dunne

Ok, so this problem popped up when I upgraded my app from 3.0.x to 3.1.0.rc4.

I have erb content stored in the database that needs to be rendered in the correct context to use view helpers. I use the following helper for that.


# There very well might be a better/more proper way to do this,
# but it was working in 3.0.x and I'm noobish so I used it.
def render_erb (text)
  controller.render_to_string(:inline => text)

Now any time I call render_erb within a view, content_for no longer works properly. Views with no call to render_erb work as they should.


  = render_erb(@model.erb_field)
  - content_for(:right) { 'right' }


  = content_for? :right  # nil
  = yield :right # nothing
Brian Racer

It might just be easier to use the ERB class directly:

def render_erb(text)
Gavin Dunne

Ya... that is much easier, thanks!

Is this still a bug, or should I close it?

Isaac Sanders

@iamveen Is this still an issue?

Steve Klabnik

@iamveen since you're not even sure this is a bug, I'm closing. ;) I don't think it's a bug. @anveo's solution is much better in basically every way.

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