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ActiveRecord UNION left out #939

lighthouse-import opened this Issue May 16, 2011 · 57 comments


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Imported from Lighthouse. Original ticket at: http://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8994/tickets/6591
Created by clyfe - 2011-03-17 19:22:47 UTC

ActiveRecord returns Arel::Nodes::Union when I call model.union(active_relation), but it should return an ActiveRelation

  1. What steps will reproduce the problem:

    class User << AR::Base; end
    User.where(:a => 1).union(User.where(:a => 2))

  2. What is the wrong result:

    The result is an instance of Arel::Nodes::Union

  3. What is the result that should happen instead:

    The computation should return an instance of ActiveRelation


The resulting Arel::Nodes::Union object can be transformed to_sql and then we can use User.find_by_sql(sql)

a = User.where(:a => 1).union(User.where(:a => 2))
sql = a.to_sql # ( SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE "users"."a" = 1 UNION SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE "users"."a" = 2 )"


The issue is obtaining an ActiveRelation object that we can further chain.
Caling a method (select, where, includes) on this (ActiveRelation unioned) object would have the behavior of further calling that method on each of the ActiveRelation objects involved in the UNION

All tough in general a UNION query can be avoided, there are some cases where the corect active relation #union functionality is needed.

For example this wold allow fixing issue #213 of CanCan ryanb/cancan#213

I would be glad to work in this issue, with a little help.

Why'd we close this issue? It's a perfectly reasonable request.

I agree - this is something that would that would be useful.


ghost commented Nov 5, 2011

I have an app that would benefit from this. Please reopen this issue.

I would also benefit from union returning a relation object. There's been countless times that I need to combine two queries together but still require a relation object. Please reopen.

alassek commented Nov 15, 2011

I had to resort to string interpolation to solve this. A better option would be much appreciated.

+1 for this one, guess it'd be useful.

definitely need this! This is causing a lot of redundant code for me.


LTe commented Dec 16, 2011


staszek commented Dec 16, 2011


bblimke commented Dec 16, 2011



paneq commented Dec 16, 2011



arunagw commented Dec 16, 2011


mlomnicki commented Dec 16, 2011



jonleighton commented Dec 16, 2011

Any of you +1ers are welcome to submit a patch...

re patch - Well ... I guess I don't know how. If someone gave me a pointer, I could try. As the original poster said, it needs a little help from somebody who understands the ActiveQuery internals.

Why write a patch if it is CLOSED? Seems like the first step is to flog whoever closed it, the second step is to re-open it, THEN complain that nobody wrote a patch yet.


rafaelfranca commented Apr 6, 2012

@rubypanther this issue was imported from lighthouse. All the issues imported from lighthouse are closed automatically.

Please reopen so this will get attention it deserves.

@arunagw arunagw reopened this Apr 26, 2012


arunagw commented Apr 26, 2012

It's open. Do it guys!!

GarPit commented Jul 9, 2012


This would also be incredibly helpful for me. I'd be happy to eventually write a patch if no one else can, but for now, +1...

fd commented Jul 18, 2012


groe commented Aug 2, 2012

I have encountered that problem at some point in 3 projects over the last years. Would be really useful if there was ActiveRecord support for that. +3

@ofavre ofavre added a commit to yakaz/rails that referenced this issue Aug 3, 2012

@ofavre ofavre ActiveRecord::Relation unions [PROPOSAL], closes #939
Depends on rails/arel#118.
The accepted implementation could act as
a unions list, or a new top-level object,
which would change this patch proposal.

@ofavre ofavre added a commit to yakaz/rails that referenced this issue Aug 3, 2012

@ofavre ofavre ActiveRecord::Relation unions [PROPOSAL], closes #939
Depends on rails/arel#118.
The accepted implementation could act as
a unions list, or a new top-level object,
which would change this patch proposal.



Silex commented Aug 27, 2012



There's also the same issue for intersect.



senny commented Mar 7, 2013

Is anyone working on this one? Is there a Pull Request?

ofavre commented Mar 8, 2013

I proposed some code, but it actually depends on another issue: rails/arel#118.
The right way to solve that issue (and handle other set operations) is still not obvious to me, see this comment, help is welcomed.
I'm planning on proposing a proper pull request for the latter within few weeks, when I find time.
I'll then update my code for this issue and pull request it.
That said, someone can still handle these before I do... ;-)

ejoubaud commented May 9, 2013


naveda89 commented Jun 2, 2013

how is going this issue?? It could be so useful!! :P

dylanz commented Jun 24, 2013





gmccue commented Sep 24, 2013

would be nice!

kuraga commented Oct 5, 2013

Any updates? @ofavre , any updates?

x3qt commented Oct 10, 2013



mjy commented Oct 15, 2013


mvoidex commented Nov 24, 2013


doshea commented Jan 7, 2014

+1 for this and for #intersect


ilyakatz commented Jan 13, 2014



rafaelfranca commented Jan 16, 2014

This issue is stale for more than 2 years. Adding +1's will not help and we don't have time to fix all the issues in the world. So I'm closing this one.

Who is having the issue and care about fixing PDI.

ofavre commented Jan 19, 2014

The pull request rails/arel#118, replaced by rails/arel#239 (by @jsanders), exposing the required functionality in Arel is ready to be merged.
Once done, the code at yakaz/rails@29b8ebd (relation-unions-v3.2.2 branch) can be updated and merged.

@ofavre ofavre referenced this issue in rails/arel Jan 19, 2014


Fix #118 against 4-0-stable #239


rafaelfranca commented Jan 19, 2014

@ofavre thank you for the update. I have assigned the arel PR to me and I'll review it and apply your Rails patch too.

@rafaelfranca Note that I based the work in rails/arel#239 off of 4-0-stable rather than master. I'm also guessing there is a little work that would need to be done to @ofavre's relation-unions-v3.2.2 branch to make it work against either 4-0-stable or master. Does it make sense to get these changes into 4.0 at this point? If not, I'd be glad to submit PRs against master instead.

Have applied @ofavre and @jsanders changes rails/issues/939#issuecomment-32709728 against rails 3-2-stable branch and arel 3-0-stable branch.

These changes are being tested and used with cancancan to combine different ability conditions for same resource by using unions (from @clyfe).

So far changes are working ok for tests and my use cases (rails 3.2.17).


I wrote a gem to add usable UNION functionality with ActiveRecord::Relation. We are using it in production. The gem's code may or may not provide a good template for a Rails PR, but it does demonstrate solutions to some of the issues along the way:

  • Don't forget about bind values!
  • Subselects with ORDER BY need to be wrapped in parentheses … except for SQLite, which just explodes in that case
  • The UNION is aliased to the table name to allow further scoping

The important code is here for inspection: https://github.com/brianhempel/active_record_union/blob/master/lib/active_record_union/active_record/relation/union.rb

guyisra commented Nov 10, 2014


The problem with using find_by_sql is that it returns an array. However, uglifying it with string interpolation something like this

Model.from("(#{Model.scope1.to_sql}) union (#{Model.scope2.to_sql})) #{Model.table_name}")

will keep it as a relation for further use

If you do the union with AREL or SQL string interpolation, watch out for bind values. The SQL for my_user.posts is:

SELECT "posts".* FROM "posts"  WHERE "posts"."user_id" = ?

to_sql won't preserve the value that's supposed to bind to the ?, and I'm pretty sure using AREL won't help you either. So, if you want a useable ActiveRecord::Relation upon which to chain further queries, you may have to do some rebinding.[1]

[1] Like here: https://github.com/brianhempel/active_record_union/blob/master/lib/active_record_union/active_record/relation/union.rb#L25

asiniy commented Feb 3, 2015


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