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pfenig commented Feb 11, 2011

ActiveRecord::Relation where clauses hash syntax accepts an ActiveRecord::Relation as a value, but it maps the relation to ids when it could just use a subquery. By converting the Relation to an ast we can now accept any subquery.

Model.where(:id =>

will only run one query and it supports references to tables from the outer query.

Have corresponded with @tenderlove on this.

removed an unnecessary second query when passing an ActiveRecord::Rel…
…ation to a where clause. And added ability to use subselects in where clauses.

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tenderlove Feb 16, 2011


Merged to master and pushed. Thanks.


tenderlove commented Feb 16, 2011

Merged to master and pushed. Thanks.

mices referenced this pull request in adjust/streets Feb 23, 2017

Added :nodoc: for `attribute_changed?` and `attribute_was` [ci skip]
These methods were made "public" in 47617ec so that `method_missing`
can invoke them without going through `send`, but they aren't meant
for consumption from outside of Rails.

This issue was closed.

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