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TimeTap helps you track the time you spend coding while in Vim.
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A precise time tracker for Vim. Inspired by the TimeTap plugin for TextMate.

Once you've launched Vim you don't have to bother anymore starting/stopping timers or investing some arbitrary amount of time to fill your fancy time tracker.

Exactly. timetap.vim use auto commands to achieve these goals.


If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing pathogen.vim, and the simply copy and paste:

git clone git:// ~/.vim/bundle/timetap

Vundle is very cool system to manage plugins as well. You just run command :BundleInstall rainerborene/vim-timetap inside Vim.
And also put Bundle 'rainerborene/vim-timetap' into .vimrc.

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Copyright (C) 2012 Rainer Borene and Takahiro Yoshihara. This plugin is distributed under the same terms as Vim itself.

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