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Rainglow is a collection of color themes for a number of different editors and platforms. This repository consists of 320+ syntax and UI themes for iTerm2.

To show support for the project, you can do any (or many!) of the following:


Normally, terminal themes use a set of strict colors, 16 total (8 normal 8 bright), and each give context. In order to maintain the feel of each theme, I have made the following colour changes:

  • Black - An off-color of the background.
  • White - The foreground color.
  • Red - I've hard coded this to red. Errors need to be red!

The rest of the color set comes directly from the main theme colors.

Manual Installation

In the profile section of the iTerm settings dialog, select the colors tab. Next click the color presets dropdown and select 'Import'. Select one or many themes from the themes folder of this repository, and they will now be present in your presets list for selection.

Useful Information

This project is an evolution of my colour schemes project found at Peacock was the first ever theme. I created it to try and find something to use other than Monokai. It's now a favourite for many users!

If you'd like to report a bug with one of the color schemes, please raise an issue on the repository rather than submitting a pull request. This is because the themes run through a generation process, and editing the themes directly is not advised!

Have a wonderful day!



320+ color themes for iTerm2.




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