Monthly Bug Squash Day

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Every first Saturday of a month is a Bug Squash Day πŸžπŸ”¨ (a.k.a. Community Bug SQUASHathon). This falls approximately between rakudo release dates, so everyone is expected to hang around on #perl6 channel and have fun. Each month a repository is chosen, and the goal is to resolve as many bugs as possible in that repository.


  • Every squashathon contributor gets free virtual pizza!
  • One person that makes most/best contributions (e.g. Pull Requests) for the Squashathon will receive a plush camelia. A real, physical one!

plush camelia


Date Repository How to contribute Before Result
2019-02-09 Ecosystem
GUIDE 245 issues WINNER: @jonathanstowe
contributors: 37
issues reviewed:
over 138
Perl 6 Community and Most Wanted modules TBA Winner: …
Stats: …
2019-04-06 perl6/doc
2019-05-04 rakudo

Also tracked:
2019-06-01 testneeded
(tickets RT,
tickets GH)
How to contribute,
2019-07-06 Modules that
need help

ᡃ – (optimistic) the number of commits can be over-estimated due to branch synchronizations
ᡇ – (pessimistic) only shows the number of people who interacted with one of the tracked repos on GitHub; interactions with RT are not included
ᢜ – (optimistic) may include unrelated progress
ᡈ – (pessimistic) does not include progress right before or right after the squashathon
ᡉ – (optimistic) includes progress done by others (before the squashathon) that was merely documented

Old squashathons are moved to this other page


During the day keep an eye on #perl6 channel and try to help others. Some people will likely be contributing to the chosen repo for the first time, so be ready to guide them. While doing that, see if CONTRIBUTING docs can be improved to make the process easier.

When contributing yourself, try to focus on resolving bugs. Comments and other progress on RFCs and feature requests is welcome too, but the primary goal of the event is to reduce the amount of technical debt, not increase it. Therefore, refrain from implementing completely new things. Mostly this does not apply to perl6/roast or perl6/doc repos (more tests and more documentation is exactly what we want).

If you don't have push access to the repo, ask for a commit bit on #perl6 channel. However, contributing to rakudo requires signing a CLA, so use Pull Requests instead during the months when Rakudo is being SQUASHathoned.

When you start working on some github issue, please self-assign yourself to make sure that no work is wasted.

During the day things may be going fast, don't let that make you rush. When in doubt, ask others to review. Usually this means that you can just leave a comment with whatever you have on your mind and move on to the next ticket.

If you spot any issues, feel free to file new bug reports. We will count the number of resolved issues separately from the total number of open tickets, so it's OK if it happens that we end up with more open tickets by the end of the day.

When you come across an old ticket that is unclear or unnecessarily overloaded, be bold. If you don't understand what is requested, write a comment asking what exactly should be done to resolve the issue. Ping or assign people who may know more about it. If possible, come up with a crude solution and ask what further improvements should be done to close the ticket.

If the ticket is asking for more than one thing, replace with new smaller tickets and close it. If you see a lot of out-of-place discussion, try to understand the main point and create a new highly-specific ticket to replace it.


In October, Hacktoberfest and SQUASHathon happen at the same time, so people participating in SQUASHathon are also hacktoberfesting.

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