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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Driver Plugin for (Rancher) Docker Machine


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The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Driver for (Rancher) Docker Machine allows Rancher to create and manage Kubernetes clusters on OCI.

Create and configure your cluster's Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

(Rancher) Docker Machine requires the VCN in which you want to create nodes to:

  • allow inbound traffic to port 22 (SSH) to the node subnet.
  • allow inbound traffic to port 2376 (Docker) to the node subnet.

In addition to the above ports, RKE has additional port requires for the different node types detailed here.

Add OCI Node Driver for Rancher

  1. From the Rancher Global view, choose Tools > Drivers > Node Drivers > Add Node Driver in the navigation bar.

  2. Fill in the URLs of the latest Linux build of the OCI Node Driver as well as the location of its UI component.

Create Cloud Credentials for OCI

  1. From your user settings, choose > Cloud Credentials > Add Cloud Credential.

  2. Select "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure" from the drop down, and fill in your account credentials (tenancy, user, signing key, etc.).

Provision Kubernetes cluster on OCI

  1. From the Global view, choose Clusters > Add Cluster.

  2. From the infrastructure providers, choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  3. Fill in a cluster name, and add one or more Node Template(s) for the various node types (etcd, Control Plane, or Worker).

  4. After you've created a template(s), use them to provision a new Kubernetes cluster on OCI.

You can access the cluster after its state is updated to Active.

Develop and Test

See development for details.


Copyright (c) 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

rancher-machine-driver-oci is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

See LICENSE for more details.