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CVE Builds for legacy docker-runc

This repo provides a backport of patches for CVE-2019-5736 for older versions of runc that were packaged with Docker.

Build and Releases

Refer to the releases section of this repo for the binaries. In order to build yourself, or build for different architectures, just run make and the binaries will end up in ./dist.

The binaries will be of the form runc-${VERSION}-${ARCHITECTURE} where VERSION is the associated Docker version, not the version of runc.

Note: The runc-cve release for Docker 17.03.2 can be used for Docker 17.03.3 as the runc binary between these two Docker releases use the same runc binary.


To install, find the runc for you docker version, for example Docker 17.06.2 for amd64 will be runc-v17.06.2-amd64. For Linux 3.x kernels use the binaries that end with no-memfd_create. Then replace the docker-runc on your host with the patched one.

# Figure out where your docker-runc is, typically in /usr/bin/docker-runc
which docker-runc

# Backup
mv /usr/bin/docker-runc /usr/bin/docker-runc.orig.$(date -Iseconds)

# Copy file
cp runc-v17.06.2-amd64 /usr/bin/docker-runc

# Ensure it's executable
chmod +x /usr/bin/docker-runc

# Test it works
docker-runc -v
docker run -it --rm ubuntu echo OK


CVE patches for legacy runc packaged with Docker



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