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My dotfiles on Arch Linux with i3-gaps


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Having embraced the minimalist linux philosophy for almost 3 years now, it's time for me to share my dotfiles on github, with the double benefit of version control and backup.

Like all dotfiles, this is barely my own work, I have mostly selected dotfiles that I found useful and elegant.

I use Arch Linux and run i3wm/i3-gaps.

Packages and features

These dotfiles are as modular as possible, strongly advocating the XDG Base Directory specification especially against stubborn packages that still refuse to embrace this standard.


  • Shell: zsh
    • ~/.config/shell: global shell configs (shell-independent)
      • ~/.config/env: environment variables (including PATH)
      • ~/.config/alias: my common aliases and functions
      • ~/.config/logout: script to run on logout
    • ~/.config/zsh: zsh-specific configs
      • ~/.zshenv: redirect to shell/zsh dir (the workaround isn't elegant enough)
      • ~/.config/zsh/.zprofile: sources ~/.config/shell/env
      • ~/.config/zsh/.zshrc: interactive zsh script (sources ~/.config/shell/alias)
      • ~/.config/zsh/.zlogout: sources ~/.config/shell/logout
  • WM: i3-gaps (config: ~/.config/i3)
  • Editor: vim
    • ~/.config/vim/: vim config directory
    • ~/.config/vim/vimrc: main config file
    • ~/.config/vim/plugins.vim: plugins file (managed using vim-plug)
    • ~/.config/vim/filetypes.vim: autodetect filetypes and reload configs on save
  • Music: mpd/ncmpcpp
  • Xorg: ~/.config/X11
    • ~/.config/X11/xinitrc:
      • sets keyboard layout (I use fr+ar you might want to change that)
      • loads Xresources
      • sets screen layout (xrandr/arandr script)
      • sets background (using feh)
      • runs application in background (mpd, compositor)
      • starts WM
    • ~/.config/X11/Xresources:
      • sets color theme and urxvt settings
  • Terminal: rxvt-unicode (configured in Xresources)
  • Statusbar: polybar (~/.config/polybar/)
  • File manager: ranger (~/.config/ranger/)
  • GTK: ~/.config/gtk-{2|3}.0/
  • Launcher: rofi (~/.config/rofi/)
  • R: enironment and profile basic configs (~/.config/R/)


Scripts reside in ~/.local/bin/ don't forget to make them executable (chmod +x <SCRIPT>).

  • blurlock: blurred lock screen for i3lock (stolen from Manjaro)
  • i3exit: useful exit script for i3 (stolen from Manjaro)
  • cleanhome: removes dotdirs from home (list specified in ~/.config/kill`)
  • screen: script for handeling dual screen (HDMI or VGA) using xrandr
  • tinytex: wrapper script around tinytex R package
  • vscode: wrapper script around code that enforces XDG base directories

TO-DO List:

  • ROFI
    • create/steal an icon-based theme for drun
    • create/steal an exit-menu launcher
  • Xresources: seperate into modules (at least separate urxvt configs)
  • Polybar: better configs