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RequireJS for ASP.NET MVC
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This is a fork of the RequireJsDotNet Project by Veritech:

Link to the original repository:

Main objectives for this fork are to integrate with Typescript's external module syntax, to allow full use of the functionality of requirejs and to implement and effective cache-busting mechanism.

The following changes have been made to the compressor
  • The YUI Compressor has been replaced by the ASP.Net Web Optimization Framework in order to achieve a better MVC integration.

  • A BundlePathResolver collection has been added similar to the EntryPointResolver collection to enable an override of the bundle paths. This can be used for a cache-busting mechanism based on the bundle's content in the style of the web optimization framework.

  • The simple bundle processor and the ability to exclude files have been removed to simplify things, it may be added again later. Currently only auto bundles are supported.

  • Several bugfixes and minor changes have been made to the auto bundling algorithm, allowing the use of CDN files, dynamic require calls and eliminating case transformations of require module paths.

The following changes have been made to the RequireJs HTML Helper
  • The helper has been enhanced to allow global require calls. This may come in handy in a multi page application where tracking scripts, layout functions, error handlers etc. have to be loaded on every page.

See the RequireJsNet.Examples project for a use scenario of these features.

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