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limhoff-r7 added some commits Mar 14, 2013

Allow use of rake db tasks

The following rake tasks are added and work similar to how they work in
rails apps:
* db:create
* db:drop
* db:migrate
* db:migrate:status
* db:rollback
* db:schema:dump
* db:schema:load
* db:seed (but no db seeds defined at this time)
* db:setup
* db:version

The hidden task db:test:prepare is also available, which means `rake
spec` can depend on it so that the test database is dropped and
recreated from the development database when running specs (Although
there are yet to be database tests, this branch is in preparation for
that work that will be split between multiple developers.)
Specs for activerecord patch

Spec the desired behavior for ConnectionPool prior to removing the patch
to sync with upstream 3.2.12.
Remove active_record patch

Version 3.2.12 of activerecord contains the changes that the original
patch made so the patch is no longer needed.

limhoff-r7 commented Mar 18, 2013

This pull request is a superset of #1592 so if this pull request is accepted, then 1592 will be closed automatically.


limhoff-r7 commented Mar 18, 2013

Verification Steps:

Because this pull request is a superset of #1592, please complete its Verification Step before proceeding to the below steps.

  • rake spec
  • VERIFY no errors

todb-r7 commented Mar 19, 2013

Looks good -- especially love the part where you re-implemented the connection pool test as a rake spec to prove that the patch is no longer needed. Thanks!

@todb-r7 todb-r7 closed this in 6618c09 Mar 19, 2013

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