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Japanese font for TinyMCE

Add Japanese font family to Tiny MCE Advanced plugin and Gutenberg's font selections. Currentry, the plugin version on this brunch is 4.1.2 if you want to install really stable version of this version, please download from

Notes for arctic-miner guys:

  1. The plugin it self does not contain any fonts. This just loads fonts from external source, such as Google's CDN, or jsDelivr's CDN. Links for fonts below. Noto Sans Japanese Font files is on: ichiwa /google-web-font-jp-noto-sans-japanese Other fonts may be located at raspi0124 /my-sites-files
  2. This plugin is for WordPress, the content-manadgement-service software. Is located at WordPress /WordPress on GitHub.

##日本語 日本語フォントをWordPressのTinyMCEとGutenbergのフォント一覧に追加します。 プラグインのバージョンは現在4.1.2です。 プラグインディレクトリはこちら→