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Current version: 0.1.5

Rastersubmarine is a program that searchs subtitles for a file in several subtitle pages. It is a fork of Submarine, from Blaž Tomažič.

Currently it searchs in:

  • bierdopje
  • divx subtitles
  • open subtitles
  • podnapisi
  • the subtitle db
  • subtitulos es

Building and installing Rastersubmarine

Rastersubmarine is writen in Vala, so you need the vala compiler (valac) and its libraries (vapi). You also need CMake.

To compile and install it, just follow these instructions:

mkdir install
cd install
cmake ..
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Using Rastersubmarine

submarine [-h|--help] -l CODE [-s CODESERVER] [-f|--force] [-V|--version] [-v,--verbose] [-q,--quiet] file_path

-l CODE: CODE is the 2 or 3-letter language code (like 'es', 'en', 'pt', 'spa', 'eng'...). Specifies which language to search and download.

-s CODESERVER: specifies to search only in the specified server, by using the two-letter code. Use 'submarine -s help' to list the codes.

-f,--force: downloads the subtitles even if there is already a subtitles file in the current folder.

-h,--help: shows the help.

-V,--version: shows the current version.

-v,--verbose: makes the output more verbose

-q,--quiet: makes the output less verbose


submarine -l en myFavouriteSeriesS01E04.mkv

Searchs in all servers for subtitles in english for the chapter 4, Season 1, of My Favourite Series.

submarine -l en -s bd myFavouriteSeriesS01E04.mkv

Searchs only in BiedDopje server for subtitles in english for the chapter 4, Season 1, of My Favourite Series.

Contacting Author

Rastersubmarine is maintained by Sergio Costas Rodriguez