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Reskin Sensor Library

This is a python library to interface with ReSkin sensors. We provide two classes for interfacing with ReSkin. The ReSkinBase class is good for standalone data collection: it blocks code execution while data is being collected. The ReSkinProcess class can be used for non-blocking background data collection. Data can be buffered in the background while you run the rest of your code.

Latest stable release is v2.0.0


This package can be installed using pip:

pip install reskin_sensor

Alternatively, if you would like the latest (potentially unstable) version,

  1. Clone this repository using
$ git clone --recursive
  1. Install this package using
$ pip install -e .


  1. Connect the 5X board to the microcontroller.

  2. Connect the microcontroller (we recommend the Adafruit Trinket M0 or the Adafruit QT PY) to the computer using a suitable USB cable

  3. Use the Arduino IDE to upload code to a microcontroller. The code as well as upload instructions can be found in the arduino folder. If you get a can't open device "<port-name>": Permission denied error, modify permissions to allow read and write on that port. On Linux, this would look like

$ sudo chmod a+rw <port-name>
  1. Run test code on the computer
$ python tests/ -p <port-name>


This package is maintained by Raunaq Bhirangi. We would also like to cite the pyForceDAQ library which was used as a reference in structuring this package.