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Marthon 1 Redux

Community expansion of Marathon 1 for Aleph One

The music used in this scenario is Craig Hardgrove's remakes of Alexander Seropian's original Marathon soundtrack. You can visit Dr. Hardgrove's website and his music at .

Title music by Hamst3r of

HD Weapons and effects by General Tacticus

HD Textures by Tim Vogel and Jay Faircloth

Durandal chapter screen by Nathan 92

New Terminals written by Philtron and Ravenshining

Terminal art by General Radix and Ravenshining

From Eternal with permission from Pfhorrest: Marine sprites by President People; Hulk, Wasp, & Looker sprites by Christopher Lund.

Juggernaut, Fighter, & S'pht sprite revisions, sound mods, and level embellishment by Ravenshining

Special thanks to Treelama and Wrkncacnter for their help and efforts with Aleph One and its editors; and to CluckyInventor, Narcogen, and Blackstar for their playthough commentaries.

Glade files under the "For Weland" directory are distributed under GNU General Public License, see the file COPYING for details.

Marathon Credits: Jason Jones, Ryan Martell, Alain Roy, J. Reginald Dujour, Alexander Seropian, Greg Kirkpatrick, Colin Brent, Doug Zartman, Don Dixon. Special Thanks: Eric Klein, Tuncer Deniz, Laura Weber, Max Minkoff, Brian Wink, J.k. Wright, 13th Floor.

M1A1 Credits: Mattias Borgström, AlexJLS, Chris Komarnicki, Candace Sherriff, Sidoh, Brett, Garrick and Matthew Smith, Reginald Berkeeper, Mike Schapiro, Jay Faircloth, Peter de Blanc, Brian Retchless, Randall J. Currie, Eric Peterson, Nebular, David Santiago, Craig Caroon, Jeffery Carlson, Derf, Grasshopper, REB. Special Thanks: Claude Errera, The Aleph One team, Tomoaki Deguchi, Michio Hashimoto, Andrew Nagi, Jesse Simko, Hamish Sinclair, Michael Watson, John Zero

Marathon game content non-license

Unfortunately, Bungie has not released Marathon game content under a formal, unambiguous content license. To our knowledge, Bungie has not blocked any noncommercial distribution of these assets, but the Marathon series is not considered abandonware and Bungie retains the right to control its distribution and use.

Content in the "Plugins" directory comes from a variety of sources. Please see documentation within each plugin.


In 2000, Bungie released the Marathon 2 source code under the GPL 2 license, which led to the Aleph One project. The game content was not part of this release; the games were still commercially available at the time.

In 2001, permission was granted to release a conversion of Marathon 1 into Marathon 2 format for use with the new Aleph One engine. This release came with the following copyright notice:

Aleph One's GNU Public License doesn't apply to this scenario. All media used on this project is property of Bungie Studios and any modification and/or commercial distribution of it is strictly prohibited without the proper permission of Bungie Studios. You may use Bungie's copyrighted media for your private use only. Under no circumstances any member of the M1A1 project will be responsible for the misuse of the aforementioned media as they don't held any ownership over it. Any permission, written or verbally, granted by any members of the M1A1 project for modification and/or commercial distribution of any part of this scenario is illegal. Copyright 1994-present in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

In 2005, Bungie made the Marathon game content freely available, at No content license was posted. The Frequently Asked Questions page includes this statement:

Wow... can I do whatever I want with this stuff?

NO. Bungie still holds the copyrights to these files. They're allowing them to be distributed for free (mostly because you can't buy them any more) - but they're still Bungie's intellectual property. You can't, for example, sell them.

In 2011, Bungie released the Marathon Infinity source code under the GPL 3 license. The source code archive also included a CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, but its scope is unclear. It may only cover the design documents and other non-code files present alongside the source, and not the game data (which was not part of the archive).

In late 2011, Aleph One began distributing Marathon game content bundled with Aleph One binaries, in the spirit of the Trilogy Release page's "free distribution" aim. Bungie announced these bundled downloads on their company site, so Bungie was aware of and tacitly approved Aleph One's redistribution of the game content.


Community expansion of Marathon 1 for Aleph One



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