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LPSC LaTeX Abstract Template

This is a LaTeX 2e version of the of a LaTeX template for LPSC and other LPI meetings. This directory contains example files. The template file uses several pacakages, but most LaTeX distributions should have these packages already.

Details about how to use the template can be found in the text of the template file. There is both a PNG and EPS version of the figure depending on if you use pdflatex or latex, dvips, and ps2pdf.

File Description
Makefile example GNU make file for use with the latex-mk system, optional
bibliography.bib Sample bibliography file
lb_fig1.eps Sample figure, EPS format
lb_fig1.png Sample figure, PNG format
lpsc_abstract.tex The template file. Modify this with your own abstract.
lpscabs.sty The package file for setting things up, no modifications needed.
unsrtetal.bst A BibTeX .bst file that functions like unsrtnat, but shortens long author lists.


DISCLAIMER: These files are not commissioned or supported by the LPI. We created it to make our own lives easier, and figured that other folks might benefit from it. This template is no substitute for reading the appropriate style and formatting guides provided by the LPI, as they are subject to change. Don't blame us if the LPI complains about your format (or rejects your abstract).

Now, get back to work and write that abstract!

Ross A. Beyer ( and Moses P. Milazzo (


Apr 2018

  • Discovered that the old margin handling was leaving too much margin at the top of the page because those LaTeX commands are confusing, have updated to use the geometry package, which is easier to control and produces better results.

Oct 2017

  • The 'releases' below are from back in the SVN days, so this is the last one of these:
  • Put in examples that use biber (which is better at making LPSC-style, compact numbered reference paragraphs), and commented out the Bibtex stuff.

Release 1.4, Jan 2016

  • Minor modification to make things consistent with the current style of the LPI template.
  • Added some additional preaching about color schemes.
  • Added some information about dealing with double-wide-floats and the science.bst file. Thanks to Lucy Lim.

Release 1.3, Jul 2011

  • The \newcommand that set the bibliography font size needed to be changed to a \renewcommand. Thanks to Joseph Paul Cohen.

Release 1.2, Dec 2010

  • Updated with hyperref examples (clickable URLs etc.)
  • Added unsrtetal.bst, which converts the references to 'Author1 et al.' when needed to keep the bibliography short.

Release 1.1, Jan 2008

  • Just updated information with comments from the LPI

Release 1.0, Jan 2008