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JSZlib is a Javascript implementation of zlib, for modern web browsers. It uses typed arrays instead of binary strings for storing data. Simplistic testing suggests that this can give about a 2-fold speedup, and also means that JSZlib is a good match for tools which use ArrayBuffers and/or typed arrays to access binary data.

JSZlib currently just implements the "inflate" part of zlib, but there will hopefully be a port of the "deflate" portion in the future.

JSZlib is based very closely on jzlib (, and is distributed under the same (BSD-style) license. The author of jzlib, ymnk, in turn credits Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for the original zlib code.

Using it

Simplest way is just to call jszlib_uncompress. Takes an ArrayBuffer, returns an ArrayBuffer, throws an exception if something breaks. You can also use a ZStream class which behaves much like ZStream from jzlib. This might be useful if you need to uncompress partial data -- some kinds of streaming network protocol, for instance -- but is overkill for most applications.