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HYPEtools package


HYPEtools is an add-on package to the R software environment, providing functions to work with the hydrological model HYPE. HYPE and HYPEtools are projects developed by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).


Here you can read how to install the provided sources or package in R.


The latest packaged version of HYPEtools (0.4-5) contains the following functions and S3 methods: AllDownstreamSubids Find All Downstream SUBIDs
AllUpstreamSubids Find All Upstream SUBIDs
AnnualRegime Calculate annual regimes
BarplotUpstreamClasses Bar plots of upstream-averaged classes of HYPE sub-basins
BoxplotSLCClasses Box plots of SLC distributions
CleanSLCClasses Clean Soil-Landuse classes (SLCs) from small fractions
ConvertDischarge Calculate Specific Discharge
CreateOptpar Create an optpar list
CustomColors Custom color ramp palettes: ColBlues, ColDiffGeneric, ColDiffTemp, ColGreens, ColNitr, ColPhos, ColPrec, ColPurples, ColQ, ColReds, ColTemp, ColYOB
DirectUpstreamSubids Find Direct Upstream SUBIDs, with Flow Fractions
EquallySpacedObs Create an equally spaced time series from irregular observations
ExtractFreq Extract quantiles for use in a frequency distribution plot, e.g. a flow duration curve
ExtractStats Extract statistics from time series
GroupSLCClasses Calculate grouped sums for SLC classes in a GeoData file
GwRetention Calculate groundwater retention of nutrients
HeadwaterSubids Find all headwater SUBIDs of a model domain
HypeDataExport Write HYPE data files:
HypeDataImport Read HYPE data files:
HypeMultiVar HypeMultiVar arrays
HypeSingleVar HypeSingleVar arrays
HypeXobs HypeXobs data frames
MapRegionalSources Map regional irrigation source connection as spatial lines
MergeXobs Merge two Xobs data frames
NSE.HypeSingleVar Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
OptimisedClasses Get optimised classes from an imported optpar.txt file
OutletIds Find Outlet IDs
OutletSubids Find all Outlet SUBIDs of a model domain
pbias.HypeSingleVar Percent bias
PlotAnnualRegime Plot annual regimes
PlotBasinOutput Plot a suite of evaluation plots from a HYPE basin output file
PlotBasinSummary Plot a summary of model results for a single sub-basin
PlotDurationCurve Plot duration curves
PlotMapOutput Plot function for HYPE map results
PlotMapPoints Plot function for mapped point information
PlotSimObsRegime Plot annual regimes of simulated and observed variables
r.HypeSingleVar Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient r
ReadAllsim Read an 'allsim.txt' file
ReadAquiferData Read an 'AquiferData.txt' file
ReadBasinOutput Read a Basin Output File
ReadBranchData Read a 'BranchData.txt' file
ReadCropData Read a 'CropData.txt' file
ReadDamData Read HYPE data files
ReadDescription Read a 'description.txt' file
ReadForcKey Read HYPE data files
ReadGeoClass Read a 'GeoClass.txt' File
ReadGeoData Read a 'GeoData.txt' file
ReadGlacierData Read HYPE data files
ReadLakeData Read a 'LakeData.txt' file
ReadMapOutput Read a Map Output file
ReadMgmtData Read a 'MgmtData.txt' file
ReadOptpar Read an 'optpar.txt' file
ReadPar Read a 'par.txt' file
ReadPmsf Read a 'pmsf.txt' file
ReadPointSourceData Read a 'PointSourceData.txt' file
ReadPTQobs Read 'Pobs.txt', 'Tobs.txt', or 'Qobs.txt' files
ReadSubass Read a 'subassX.txt' file
ReadTimeOutput Read a Time Output File
ReadWsOutput Read optimisation simulation results
ReadXobs Read an 'Xobs.txt' file
SortGeoData Sort a GeoData dataframe in downstream order
SumSLCClasses Calculate sums of SLC classes in a GeoData file
SumUpstreamArea Calculate upstream area sums
UpstreamGeoData Calculate upstream sums and averages of selected GeoData contents
UpstreamGroupSLCClasses Calculate area-weighted upstream averages of grouped SLC class fractions
UpstreamObs Upstream forcing data averages
UpstreamPointSources Summarize point source emissions of all upstream areas
UpstreamSLCClasses Calculate SLC class fractions of all upstream areas
WriteAquiferData Write an 'AquiferData.txt' file
WriteBasinOutput Write a basin output '[SUBID].txt' file
WriteBranchData Write a 'BranchData.txt' file
WriteCropData Read HYPE data files
WriteDamData Read HYPE data files
WriteForcKey Write HYPE data files
WriteGeoClass Write a 'GeoClass.txt' file
WriteGeoData Write a 'GeoData.txt' file
WriteLakeData Write a 'LakeData.txt' file
WriteMapOutput Write a 'mapXXXX.txt' file
WriteMgmtData Write a 'MgmtData.txt' file
WriteOptpar Write an 'optpar.txt' File
WritePar Write a 'par.txt' File
WritePmsf Write a 'pmsf.txt' file
WritePointSourceData Read HYPE data files
WritePTQobs Write 'Pobs.txt', 'Tobs.txt', or 'Qobs.txt' files
WriteTimeOutput Write a 'timeXXXX.txt' file
WriteXobs Write an 'Xobs.txt' File

Function dependencies

Package-internal function dependencies.

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