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A squid redirector
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Squid Url Rewriter

This program is for url_rewrite_program, and concurrency support.

Require: squid-3.4+


go get

squid config:

url_rewrite_program /path/to/squid-urlrewrite
url_rewrite_children 20 startup=1 idle=1 concurrency=10000

rewrite config file location:

search in this order:

squid-urlrewrite.conf example:

# example

# loglevel
# info: default
# debug: more detail info
# log messages are write to syslog
loglevel debug

# rewrite  <regexp> <target>
# redirect <regexp> [301;]<target>

rewrite  ^https?://webserver\.domain\.com/file/(\d+)/$1

redirect ^(https?://)domain\.com/(.*)$		    301;$$2

redirect ^(https?://)www\.domain2\.com/(.*)$	    $$2   

reload configure

kill -HUP <pid of squid-urlrewrite>


squid -k reconfigure


$ ./squid-urlrewrite
1  // <-- input
1 OK rewrite-url="" // <-- response
2 ERR // <-- It's ok, means no rewrite rule matched.
3 OK status=301 url="" <-- 301 redirect

About squid redirector

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