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A SPARQL protocol client for Elixir.

The API documentation can be found here. For a guide and more information about SPARQL.Client and it's related projects, go to


  • Executes all forms of SPARQL queries and updates against any SPARQL 1.0/1.1-compatible endpoint over HTTP
  • Validates SPARQL queries before sending them to a SPARQL service endpoint (can be disabled via raw-mode)
  • Supports result sets in both XML, JSON, CSV and TSV formats, with JSON being the preferred default for content-negotiation purposes
  • Supports graph results in any RDF serialization format understood by RDF.ex
  • Supports generation of updates (except for INSERT and DELETE updates), incl. INSERT/DELETE DATA updates from all RDF.ex data structures
  • Works with multiple HTTP client libraries
  • Supports interpretation of SPARQL-star results


See CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you need help with your Elixir and Linked Data projects, just contact NinjaConcept via

License and Copyright

(C) 2018-present Marcel Otto. MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.