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Materials to support the fall 2019 HTRC workshops
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Fall 2019 HTRC Workshop materials

Materials to support the fall 2019 HTRC workshops. Includes:

  • 01-learning-jupyter-environment.ipynb: an introduction to Jupyter notebooks.
  • 02-geocoding-module.ipynb: a Jupyter notebook activity on geocoding and plotting using HTRC Analytics, NER, Geopy and Cartopy.
  • 03-ef-activity.ipynb: A Jupyter notebook activity using HTRC Extracted Features Dataset ( files.
  • ef-data: a directory with Extracted Features files used for the EF activity, here EF data for 30 volumes of Josiah Conder's The Modern Traveller.
  • entities-modern-traveller.csv: output CSV from running HTRC NER algorithm against a workset containing the complete set of volumes from Josiah Conder's The Modern Traveller.
  • environment.yml: a file that ensures Binder can initialize an environment in which code dependencies of included notebooks are fulfilled.

Materials are licensed under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license

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