OAuth2 token server. Integrated with the Reaction development platform.
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Reaction Commerce uses the ORY Hydra OAuth 2.0 & OpenID Connect server, for authentication.

This project provides a configured Hydra installation using Docker Compose. Ready for Reaction development.

Part of the Reaction Platform

This application is a part of the Reaction Platform and is designed to work with other services. You can launch Reaction and its dependencies with a single command by using the Reaction Platform development installation.

See the Reaction Platform README to get started quickly.

Project Status

This project is supported by Reaction Commerce for local Reaction development. It is not intended to serve as a template for running Hydra in production.

  • Suitable for local development
  • ⚠️ Contains specific configuration for the Reaction Platform.
  • 💥 Not safe for production.


These services will be available when the project is started:

Service Description
Hydra Public API
Hydra's public API. It can be exposed to the public internet.
Hydra Admin API
Hydra's administration API. This is unprotected and should not be exposed to the internet without a secure gateway.
Hydra Token API
Service for the Hydra token user.


Copyright © Reaction Commerce

ory/hydra is licensed under Apache License 2.0