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HTML5 Blank is a powerful shell for rapidly deploying your WordPress projects. Get developing in minutes, with the robust, preloaded shell.

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HTML5 Blank

HTML5 Blank is a powerful shell for rapidly deploying your WordPress projects. Get developing in minutes, with the robust, preloaded shell. HTML5 Blank.

Getting Started with HTML5 Blank

Download the latest version from

Get involved! Make HTML5 Blank better

There are a few ways to get involved, submit a Pull Request, or submit a comment on the website -



  • Basic Semantic HTML5 Markup
  • W3C Valid Code Foundations
  • Responsive Ready, ViewPort meta data
  • HTML Class support for IE7, IE8, IE9 Conditionals (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Clean, neatly organised code, with PHP annotations

jQuery + JavaScript

  • Replaced built-in WordPress enqueue with Google CDN
  • Protocol relative jQuery if Google CDN offline (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Modernizr feature detection, HTML5 element support for legacy, progressive enhancement (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • DOM Ready JavaScript file setup (scripts.js) for instant JavaScript development
  • JavaScript files enqueued using WordPress functions into wp_head


  • HTML5 Boilerplate reset
  • Media Queries framework for instant development using @media
  • @font-face empty framework with Fonts folder setup ready for new custom fonts
  • CSS3 custom selection styles
  • Inline print styles (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Body element config, including Optimize Legibility for kerning and font-smoothing
  • Replaced focus styles to avoid blue blur in field elements, replaced with border
  • Stylesheet enqueued using WordPress functions into wp_head

Preloaded Functions (functions.php)

  • Enqueue Scripts functions setup
  • Enqueue Styles functions setup
  • Dynamic WordPress Menu Navigation Support, preloaded with 3 Dynamic menus
  • Cleaned up dynamic nav output (Remove outer 'div')
  • Remove all injected classes from nav items, ID's, Page ID's
  • Custom Post Type x1 preloaded for demonstration, supporting: Category, Tags, Post Thumbnails, Excerpts
  • Dynamic Sidebar with x2 Widget Areas, and sidebar.php setup
  • WordPress Thumbnail Support, no Plugin image cropping, custom Arrays and Thumbnail settings
  • Custom Excerpt callbacks, with changeable callback numbers
  • Replaced 'Read More' button for custom Excerpt callbacks
  • Demo Shortcodes included, with Nested Shortcode capability
  • Add Slug to body class (Starkers Theme credit)
  • wp_head functions stripped right down, remove excess injected junk
  • All functions annotated, categorised into sections, filters, actions, shortcodes etc.
  • Space for development, neatly organised code with Modules/External files

Theme Files and Functionality

  • Built in Pagination, no plugins (strips out prev + next post and gives page numbers)
  • Optimised Google Analytics in footer (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Widget Area Sidebar support, functions in place to get developing
  • Custom Search Form included (searchform.php) - fully editable
  • Tags support for showing Post Tags
  • Category support for showing the Category of post
  • Author support showing the author
  • Demo Custom Page Template for expansion
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