Debuggers Supported

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Debugger interfaces available are:

Name Invocation What
bashdb realgud:bashdb bash debugger
byebug realgud:byebug Ruby byebug debugger via
Devel::Trepan trepanning debugger for Perl5
debugger2 realgud:rdb2 Ruby debugger2 via
dgawk (incomplete) realgud:dgawk GNU AWK debugger via
gdb realgud:gdb gdb . See also gdb-notes
gub realgud:gub Go SSA interpreter debugger
ipdb realgud:ipdb ipython enhanced pdb for Python. See also ipdb-notes
jdb realgud:jdb Java debugger. See also jdb-notes
kshdb realgud:kshdb Korn Shell 93
lldb (incomplete) realgud:lldb LLVM debugger via
nodejs realgud:nodejs Node.js (Javascript) debugger; trepanjs works better with realgud
perldb realgud:perldb stock Perl5 debugger
pdb realgud:pdb Stock CPython debugger ; trepan2 or trepan3k works better with realgud
pry realgud:pry Ruby pry debugger via
pydb realgud:pydb slighly enhanced pdb for Python 2.3-2.5
remake realgud:remake GNU Make
ruby-debug realgud:rdebug Ruby
trepanning realgud:trepan trepanning debugger for a patched Ruby 1.9
rb8-trepanning realgud:trepan8 MRI Ruby 1.8 and an unpatched YARV 1.9
rbx-trepanning realgud:trepanx trepanning debugger for Rubinius Ruby
trepanjs realgud:trepanjs a more gdb-like debugger for nodejs
trepan2 realgud:trepan2 trepanning debugger python 2.5-2.7
trepan3k realgud:trepan3k trepanning debugger python 3.x
zshdb realgud:zshdb Zsh

Note: there are aliases on invocations to the names without the “realgud:” prefix where this won’t conflict with another name. For example, you can use “” instead of “”. However for gdb, you must use “realgud:gdb” as there is already another Emacs command “gdb”.

Don’t see your favorite debugger listed above? See How to add a new debugger.