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Realm Tasks (DEPRECATED)

This project is deprecated and is no longer actively maintained.

A basic task management app, designed as a homage to Realmac Software's Clear, with their knowledge and permission.

Realm Tasks

Warning: This project is very much a work in progress, being used as a testbed for new Realm technologies. It is in no way a fully feature-complete product, nor is it ever meant to be an actual competitor for the Clear app.



  • Xcode 8.
  • CocoaPods 1.0.1.


  • Android Studio 2.2 with Android API 25
  • An emulator, Genymotion or a real device attached and running.

1. Get the Realm Object Server

The Realm Tasks apps uses a Realm Object Server to synchronize tasks between them.

The fastest way to get access to a Realm Object Server is by signing up for a free Realm Cloud trial:

2. Build and Run RealmTasks

First download or clone this repo.


  1. Run pod install from the RealmTasks Apple directory in this repo.
  2. Open RealmTasks Apple/RealmTasks.xcworkspace with Xcode 8.
  3. Select either the "RealmTasks macOS" or "RealmTasks iOS" depending on which platform you'd like to try the app on.
  4. Click the "Build and Run" icon in the upper left of Xcode (play icon).
  5. When the app launches, tap/click "Register" if this is the first time you're trying the app, or "Log In" if you've already created an account.
  6. Optional: If you'd like to run the app on a physical iPhone, you'll need to have code signing set up with Xcode, and the iPhone should be connected on the same local network as your Mac running the object server.


  1. Go to the RealmTasks Android directory in this repo.
  2. Run ./gradlew installDebug
  3. The RealmTask app should now be installed on all attached Android devices and emulators. You need to launch the app manually.

Using RealmTasks

At this point, you can login, start creating items, managing lists, and you'll see your actions reflected in real time in other running instances of the app wether it is the Android, iOS or macOS app.

We recommend that you run at least two instances of the app together to really show off sync in action.

3. Access Realm Files with Realm Studio

Another useful tool is Realm Studio which is available for macOS, Linux, Windows and allows developers to inspect and manage Realms. Realm Studio is recommended for all developers and can be downloaded from the Realm web site.

  1. Launch the Realm Studio app obtained above and click "Connect to Realm Object Server".
  2. Press "Connect" to connect to the Realm Object Server running locally.
  3. You now see a list of all Realms on the server. The RealmTask file is named /<UserId>/realmtasks.


RealmTasks is designed to be cross platform, so versions for all platforms/languages should be able to sync with each other. There may be slight discrepancies in terms of functionality which will be listed here.

  • Authentication against Azure Active Directory is only supported in the Xamarin version.

Third Party Dependencies


The following modules will be installed as part of the CocoaPods installation:

  • Realm Swift - The Swift version of the Realm Mobile Database.
  • Realm LoginKit - A Realm control for logging in to Realm servers.
  • Cartography - A library for making it easier to define auto layout constraints in code.
  • SwiftLint - A tool for validating the quality of Swift code.


See for more details!

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to


The source code for RealmTasks is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. analytics