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ian-twilightcoder commented Dec 30, 2019

I'd like there to be an option to have code blocks be line wrapped. Maybe a check box for it in Rendering -> "Syntax highlighted code block" next to "Show line numbers" etc.?

If I try hard enough I can dig through the css files in Contents/Resources/Prism/themes and change "white-space: pre;" to "white-space: pre-wrap;", but doing so breaks the code signature of the app. And that's not a very n

r0x0r commented Jun 22, 2019

I have analyzed video problems and below is the summary. All tested with examples/ from the pywebview-3 branch.


  • CEF / MSHTML / EdgeHTML. No problems with either. CEF supports only WebM and Ogg out of the box (MP4 not supported).


  • Only video frame is displayed, video not playing. Youtube works fine. There are a bunch of flags related to media in WKWeb
chrisbenincasa commented May 25, 2017

Unused imports are included in the headers of generated files causing 2.12 builds with the default -Yfatal-warnings` setting to fail (unless the correct linting options are unset)

Expected behavior

Scrooge generates files with headers including only the imports the current file needs.

Actual behavior

Scrooge generates import statements for classes that are never used.


rauanmayemir commented Apr 2, 2019

As marked in, we'll need to transform incoming html.

<p> tags are not rendered with proper margin/padding by Cocoa in NSTextView by default, and instead of manually changing document attributes on ObjC bindings side, simply pre-processing html text and replacing paragraphs by newline characters seems more prefe

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