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FUSE Filesystem 4 Dropbox is a FUSE plugin whichs allows a local mount of your global Dropbox or jailed application folder.

To improve the browsing experience of your Dropbox content this plugin will cache the structure for a certain amount of time. This python script uses libfuse to provide FUSE function to the operating system.

Table of Contents


Since I'm developing in my free time I'd like to ask you to support my work. You can do it by contributing 5 EUR via paypal. This will give me motivation to keep on coding and fixing bugs.

Thanks in advance



There are some requirements which have to be fulfilled to make this plugin work.

 apt-get install libfuse2

  • Python pkg-resources must be installed.
  • The user must have the permission to mount FUSE filesystems. On debian (before Jessie release) systems the user must belong to the group "fuse".
 adduser <user> fuse
 * install dropbox module with `pip install dropbox`

Compatible systems

I've tested this script running on:

  • Linux X86
  • Linux X64
  • Mac OS X
Other systems may work...

Authorize access

Running FF4D for the first time without providing an access token, the script will guide you through a authorization process where you can choose which permission you'll grant to this application.

You can use the enclosed ./getDropboxAccessToken.py script to fetch the token. But remember for this case that you have to add an Dropbox application within the Dropbox Developer home by yourself, too.

Please secure your access token. NOBODY may know it! This token allows full access to your configured dropbox space.


Quick start:

 ./ff4d.py <mount folder>

The accesstoken can optionally supplied via commandline. Normaly the plugin will ask you just one time and saves it to a configuration file.

You can see all the mighty arguments by showing the help:

 ./ff4d.py -h

Greets and have fun with this little goodie... Sascha Schmidt