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Deprecated: These scripts are no longer in use for RWO

These scripts form the compilation pipeline for Real World OCaml. They aren't really designed to be useful outside of the book toolchain, but the plan is to factor out the useful bits eventually.

The following binaries work against the examples repository:

  • rwo-run-toplevel: Runs a toplevel script in a non-interactive toplevel, and outputs the result as HTML and Markdown.
  • rwo-syntax-highlight: Called from the code Makefile to convert a code fragment into HTML and Markdown, either via direct parsing using COW or Pygments.

The following binaries are used by the internal book toolchain to turn it into an O'Reilly PDF and the online website. They're definitely not for external consumption until the full toolchain is published.

  • rwo-html-code-highlight: Substitute code fragments in DocBook XHTML chunked output with the right HTML ones from the code repository.