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@ckifer ckifer released this 15 Oct 06:22
· 207 commits to master since this release

What's Changed

Quite a lot this minor release! We sent out a cry for help and many answered - thank you so much for that πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

This release aims at internal maintainability, long lingering bugs, and needed improvements. Highlights include equidistant tick improvements, an active bar feature, and an ~85k/~9kb (gzipped) bundle size reduction πŸš€


  • Bar: Implement activeBar for Bar component by @andrewangelle in #3756
  • CartesianGrid: add syncWithticks, horizonalValues, and verticalValues props to allow more grid line customization by @morozovkirill in #3746 solves #2153
  • CartesianAxis: Improve interval option 'equidistantPreserveStart' by @nikolasrieble in #3768
  • CartesianAxis: Throw an invariant when axisIds do not match between chart and axis components by @ckifer
  • Brush: add onDragEnd event to Brush component by @simkesd in #3774



Impossible to mention all of the great refactoring done this release thanks to @PavelVanecek (33 PRs in one month!!) and others! Notable improvements include (non-breaking) type safety enhancements and source code file size reductions, and unit test improvements that will help reduce regressions.



  • Add storybook-addon-performance by @PavelVanecek in #3826
  • many storybook improvements and fixes

πŸš€ New Contributors (!!) πŸš€

Full Changelog: v2.8.0...v2.9.0