Ruby/Cocoa script to manage MacOS desktop window positions and sizes
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Window Manager

This is a simple window layout manager for MacOS written in Ruby using ruby/cocoa
and SystemEvents.

When disconnecting and reconnecting an external monitor, MacOS often throws windows onto
the wrong screen. This script can be used to put a handful of windows back where you want them.

To start, generate a layout file:

window_manager.rb -dump > my-layout.yaml

This will layout all windows as they are currently displayed.
You should edit this down to include only the applications you really want to layout.
You can also remove the :size settings if you only want to position windows.
The window titles are Regexps, so you can modify them for windows whose
title changes often.

See layout.yaml for an example stripped down layout.

Once you have a layout built, you can use it to relayout those windows:

window_manager.rb my-layout.yaml

If you use QuickSilver, you can setup a Custom Trigger to run the script with your layout
file when you hit a hotkey.