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Jekyll Jupyter Notebook plugin


Jekyll Jupyter Notebook plugin adds Jupyter Notebook support to Jekyll. You can embed Jupyter Notebooks into your texts.


Add the following line to your site's Gemfile:

gem "jekyll-jupyter-notebook"

Run the following command line to make the gem available:

% bundle install

Add the following line to your site's _config.yml:

  - jekyll-jupyter-notebook


Put a Jupyter Notebook (sample.ipynb) to the directory that has the target text ( like the following:

`-- sample.ipynb

Put the following tag into the target text:

{% jupyter_notebook sample.ipynb %}

If you use kramdown as Markdown parser and get strange result, try to surround {% jupyter_notebook ...%} with {::nomarkdown} and {:/nomarkdown} like the following:

{% jupyter_notebook sample.ipynb %}



Apache License 2.0. See doc/text/apache-2.0.txt and NOTICE.txt for details.

(Kouhei Sutou has a right to change the license including contributed patches.)