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LED-Simulator for hyperion and open pixel protocol
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LED-Simulator for hyperion and open pixel control.

This is a python/TK app that can load a hyperion config file or open-pixel-control/OPC layout file and visualize the LED configuration. In addition it opens a OPC server where you can feed the virtual LEDs with real color from hyperion/opc client.


  • python 3
  • Tkinter support (windows: it comes with standard py3 install. Linux: there are packages)
  • source of OPC messages like OLA, Hyperion, OPC-Clients
  • a json config file with your led layout (e.g. hyperion config, OPC layouts)
  • Hyperion: Ensure you have the latest hyperiond


client: Hyperion

use the fadecandy driver. (default port is 7890)


"device" :
  "name"       : "MyPi",
  "type"       : "fadecandy",
  "output"     : ""

client: generic OPC

configure your client to your HyperSim IP-address and port 7890 use the same LED-layout as the server.

server: HyperSim

usage: hypersim [-h] [-n] [-c | -r] --hyperion <file> | --opc_xy <file> |
                --opc_yz <file> | --opc_xz <file>] [--led_size <pixel>]
                [--port <port>]

Simulator for hyperion.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -n, --num           show led IDs
  -c, --circle        draw led as circle/oval
  -r, --rect          draw led as rect (default)
  --hyperion <file>   hyperion config
  --opc_xy <file>     opc config xy components
  --opc_yz <file>     opc config yz components
  --opc_xz <file>     opc config xz components
  --led_size <pixel>  pixel size of a single led (default: 15)
  --port <port>       set port of OPC-server (default: 7890)
  -w, --wide          set to 16:9 format

Configuration file can be opened via file menu.

If all works fine you should see something similar like that:

Hyperion AmbiLight

Hyperion LED-wall

OPC circle

OPC strip

OPC triangle

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