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AutoMod: fix bugs in check_account_thresholds()

This is a minor rearrangement of some of the logic in
check_account_threshold(), which fixes at least 3 bugs:

1. Banned accounts were returning False from this function, even if
   there weren't actually any threshold checks to be performed. This
   means that any sort of rule involving an "author:" check could never
   be satisfied by a banned account, since this function would always be
   called and return False, regardless of what was actually in the
   author check.
2. Threshold checks with a value of exactly 0 would have never been
   checked, since that would have been evaluated as False and caused the
   check to be skipped inside the loop. These checks are rare since
   they're for equality instead of the much more common
   less-than/greater-than checks, but still could exist. So for example,
   a rule that was trying to check for brand new users by looking for
   "comment_karma: 0" would not have worked correctly.
3. Inadvertently setting satisfy_any_threshold to True without actually
   defining any threshold checks would have caused this function to
   always return False because reaching the bottom of the function
   returns the inverse of satisfy_any_threshold.
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