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README - search for contacts in a Gmail account

Angel Olivera - <>

* Python
* libgmail module -
Optional: libgmail-getContactListByName_insensitive.patch, a one-line 
patch for the library to allow case-insensitive searches.


The script will look for a pair of credentials to use to log-in in this order:
- Command line arguments: -u|-p,
- environment variables: GMAILUSER|GMAILPASS, or
- given to the script itself interactively.

There's also a '-v' option that shows a bit more of information in case 
there's anything not working.

The output format is in the form "ADDRESS\tFULL NAME", according to mutt's
query_command's requirements.

Important: remember to set the username and password if you're going to use
the script with mutt, since query_command does not let you input any data.

Mutt macros example, with the disadvantage of not being able to choose which one 
to use with <complete-query>:

macro generic Q '<enter-command> set query_command="~/bin/ %s"<enter>\
		<query>' 'Query KAddressBook'
macro index ,q '<enter-command> set query_command="~/bin/ -u redondos %s"<enter>\
		<query>' 'Query Gmail contacts'

Queries take too much time, maybe the results should be cached.