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ZyTrax is an easy to use music sequencer with an interface heavily inspired by 90's "tracker" software (most specifically Impulse Tracker).

While contemporary software that uses this approach exists, it usually has a high entry barrier because it maintains compatibility with old formats.

In contrast to this, ZyTrax starts afresh with an user friendly approach (no hex numbers, pure plugin-based architecture, inlined automation envelopes, smart automations, zoomable patterns and a simple pattern/orderlist layout).


Currently, ZyTrax runs only on Windows and Linux/X11. It supports VST2 plugins via Vestige. It should compile on MacOS but no plugin code exists (If anyone wants to contribute LV2 support, that would be awesome! I just don't have the time).

You can find a tutorial here.


Head over to the releases section.


You need to download MSys2, and then GTKmm for Windows, instructions here. Make sure to download Python and Scons too from the package manager.

To build, type:


To run:

cd bin
start zytrax.exe

Check the release to see how to package the executable for redistribution (just replace the .exe file).