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An open source reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi

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reef-pi is an opensource reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi. This is the software repository for reef-pi. If you are trying to build a physical controller to automate your reef tank, use reef-pi website. If you are new to reef keeping and want to know about the hobby use one of the online forums such as reef2reef or nano-reef(for smaller reef tanks).

reef-pi is an award winning, modular, do it yourself (DIY) project that aims to provide a hackable, affordable reef tank automation platform using easy to learn electronics. Apart from Raspberry Pi, reef-pi uses a handful of additional electronics boards from adafruit, a open hardware, community-focused electronics company. reef-pi is under active development. Follow reef2reef thread if you want to stay up to date with reef-pi development. Use the build guides on reef-pi website if you just want to build a reef tank controller based on reef-pi. We use slack for developer communication. Click here to join reef-pi slack channel.


  • Web browser based user interface
  • On-demand & timer based control of equipment
  • Sunrise to sunset LED lighting automation
  • Temperature monitoring and control
  • pH monitoring
  • Dosing pump (peristaltic pumps) control
  • Auto Top off
  • Email alerts, charts, and dashboard capabilities. based telemetry for monitoring.
  • On-demand or automatic tank photo capture with google drive upload using pi camera



To ensure a good development process please follow the Code Of Conduct and the Pull Request Template. To setup your development environment please read this document.


If you want to edit or provide translations to the project, please follow the guide for internationalization.

Currently available languages (but not completed):

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Persian
  • Spanish


reef-pi would not be possible without these awesome things:

  • Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • for all peripheral boards, tutorials.
  • go, the programming language that powers reef-pi non-ui parts.
  • react, a javascript framework used by reef-pi user interface.
  • github, the social coding platform that provide reef-pi code, website and release package hosting.
  • embd, go based IoT library used by reef-pi.
  • reef2reef, worlds largets reef tank user forum where reef-pi's original discussion thread is hosted.
  • travis ci for continuous integration service