Reflex FRP is a composable, cross-platform functional reactive programming framework for Haskell. It allows you to build interactive components in pure functional style, working in harmony with established Haskell techniques and improving the quality and elegance of your applications.
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Practical Functional Reactive Programming

Reflex is an fully-deterministic, higher-order Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) interface and an engine that efficiently implements that interface.

Reflex-DOM is a framework built on Reflex that facilitates the development of web pages, including highly-interactive single-page apps.

Comprehensive documentation is still a work in progress, but a tutorial for Reflex and Reflex-DOM is available at and an introductory talk given at the New York Haskell Meetup is available here: Part 1 / Part 2.

A summary of Reflex functions is available in the quick reference.

Additional resources

Get started with Reflex


hackage #reflex-frp