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Merge #26

26: Update pytest to 3.7.1 r=rehandalal a=pyup-bot

This PR updates [pytest]( from **3.7.0** to **3.7.1**.

   ### 3.7.1

Bug Fixes

- `3473 &lt;;`_: Raise immediately if ``approx()`` is given an expected value of a type it doesn&#39;t understand (e.g. strings, nested dicts, etc.).

- `3712 &lt;;`_: Correctly represent the dimensions of an numpy array when calling ``repr()`` on ``approx()``.

- `3742 &lt;;`_: Fix incompatibility with third party plugins during collection, which produced the error ``object has no attribute &#39;_collectfile&#39;``.

- `3745 &lt;;`_: Display the absolute path if ``cache_dir`` is not relative to the ``rootdir`` instead of failing.

- `3747 &lt;;`_: Fix compatibility problem with plugins and the warning code issued by fixture functions when they are called directly.

- `3748 &lt;;`_: Fix infinite recursion in ``pytest.approx`` with arrays in ``numpy&lt;1.13``.

- `3757 &lt;;`_: Pin pathlib2 to ``&gt;=2.2.0`` as we require ``__fspath__`` support.

- `3763 &lt;;`_: Fix ``TypeError`` when the assertion message is ``bytes`` in python 3.


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Co-authored-by: pyup-bot <>
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bors and pyup-bot committed Aug 3, 2018
2 parents 1464bab + daaad1f commit e6ec660dc18a1d16d61cf0f608b35329ba54a587
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