Syntax highlighter for Sublime Text 2 that handles ambiguous file extensions
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Syntax Matcher for Sublime Text 2

This syntax highlighter was taken directly from the work done by Felipe Coury in this gist with some modifications to make Cucumber matching better and then turning it into a Sublime Text package for all to use.


Syntax Matcher has been submitted to the Sublime Text 2 Package Control index and should be available soon to download using Package Control. With this done you will be able to install with the following:

  1. Command Palette (CTRL + Shift + P)
  2. Typing install and selecting Package Control: Install Package.
  3. Choose Syntax Matcher from the pop up menu

In the mean time, you can install manually by just cloning the respository into your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory (the following example is for Mac OSX):

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
git clone


Please feel free to add more syntax matching code, just send a pull request.


Released under the MIT License.