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EighthBit IRC Network Website
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doc Changed the CONTRIBUTERS File
general initial front page stuff.
roadmap clean up the repo a bit (delete old, semi-untrakced migrations)
scripts remove lisp from this project for now and move it under nisp
template Add a 2-row, both 3-column layout to index.html. Going to need some
README.markdown Initial Commit. Blank django project.


EighthBit Website

Requirements and Suggestions

This website is developed using Django 1.1.1, and has been tested with Django 1.2 Alpha 1 (successfully). Please let us know if the site works in other versions of django. We will not be using any Django 1.2-specific code, until early March, when it is officially released.

Want to Contribute?

To contribute please fork this repo and join irc:// Useful changes will get merged in straight away, so let the hacking commence!

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