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🐒📷 Camera engine for iOS, written in Swift, above AVFoundation. 🐒
Swift Ruby Objective-C
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🌟 The most advanced Camera framework in Swift 🌟

License MIT  Carthage compatible  CocoaPods  Build Status CocoaPods  Support  codebeat badge  Donate

CameraEngine is an iOS camera engine library that allows easy integration of special capture features and camera customization in your iOS app.

🔥 Features

☺️ Support iOS8 - iOS9
📐 Support orientation device
🏁 Fast capture
📷 Photo capture
🎥 Video capture
📈 quality settings presset video / photo capture
🙋 switch device (front, back)
💡 flash mode management
🔦 torch mode management
🔎 focus mode management
:bowtie: detection face, barecode, and qrcode
🚀 GIF encoder

🔨 Installation


  • Add pod "CameraEngine" to your Podfile.
  • Run pod install or pod update.
  • import CameraEngine


  • Add github "remirobert/CameraEngine" to your Cartfile.
  • Run carthage update and add the framework to your project.
  • import CameraEngine


  • Download all the files in the CameraEngine subdirectory.
  • Add the source files to your Xcode project.
  • import CameraEngine

To add the Framework, you can also create a workspace for your project, then add the CameraEngine.xcodeproj, and the CameraEngine, then you should be able to compile the framework, and import it in your app project.

CameraEngine supports swift3, see the development branch for a swift 3 integration.

🚀 Quick start

First let's init and start the camera session. You can call that in viewDidLoad, or in appDelegate.

override func viewDidLoad() {

Next time to display the preview layer

override func viewDidLayoutSubviews() {
  let layer = self.cameraEngine.previewLayer
  layer.frame = self.view.bounds
  self.view.layer.insertSublayer(layer, atIndex: 0)
  self.view.layer.masksToBounds = true

Capture a photo

self.cameraEngine.capturePhoto { (image: UIImage?, error: NSError?) -> (Void) in
  //get the picture tooked in the 👉 image

Capture a video

private func startRecording() {
  guard let url = CameraEngineFileManager.documentPath("video.mp4") else {
  self.cameraEngine.startRecordingVideo(url, blockCompletion: { (url, error) -> (Void) in

private func stopRecording() {

Generate animated image GIF

guard let url = CameraEngineFileManager.documentPath("animated.gif") else {
self.cameraEngine.createGif(url, frames: self.frames, delayTime: 0.1, completionGif: { (success, url) -> (Void) in
  //Do some crazy stuff here

🔧 configurations

CameraEngine, allows you to set some parameters, such as management of flash, torch and focus. But also on the quality of the media, which also has an impact on the size of the output file.


self.cameraEngine.flashMode = .On
self.cameraEngine.flashMode = .Off
self.cameraEngine.flashMode = .Auto


self.cameraEngine.torchMode = .On
self.cameraEngine.torchMode = .Off
self.cameraEngine.torchMode = .Auto


          |  CameraEngine focus

--------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------ .Locked | means the lens is at a fixed position .AutoFocus | means setting this will cause the camera to focus once automatically, and then return back to Locked .ContinuousAutoFocus | means the camera will automatically refocus on the center of the frame when the scene changes

self.cameraEngine.cameraFocus = .Locked
self.cameraEngine.cameraFocus = .AutoFocus
self.cameraEngine.cameraFocus = .ContinuousAutoFocus

Camera presset Photo

self.cameraEngine.sessionPresset = .Low
self.cameraEngine.sessionPresset = .Medium
self.cameraEngine.sessionPresset = .High

Camera presset Video

self.cameraEngine.videoEncoderPresset = .Preset640x480
self.cameraEngine.videoEncoderPresset = .Preset960x540
self.cameraEngine.videoEncoderPresset = .Preset1280x720
self.cameraEngine.videoEncoderPresset = .Preset1920x1080
self.cameraEngine.videoEncoderPresset = .Preset3840x2160

👀 Object detection

CameraEngine can detect faces, QRcodes, or barcode. It will return all metadata on each frame, when it detects something. To exploit you whenever you want later.

Set the detection mode

self.cameraEngine.metadataDetection = .Face
self.cameraEngine.metadataDetection = .QRCode
self.cameraEngine.metadataDetection = .BareCode
self.cameraEngine.metadataDetection = .None //disable the detection

exploiting face detection

self.cameraEngine.blockCompletionFaceDetection = { faceObject in
  let frameFace = (faceObject as AVMetadataObject).bounds
  self.displayLayerDetection(frame: frameFace)

exploiting code detection (barecode and QRCode)

self.cameraEngine.blockCompletionCodeDetection = { codeObject in
  let valueCode = codeObject.stringValue
  let frameCode = (codeObject as AVMetadataObject).bounds
  self.displayLayerDetection(frame: frameCode)

🚗💨 Example

You will find a sample project, which implements all the features of CameraEngine, with an interface that allows you to test and play with the settings. To run the example projet, run pod install, because it uses the current prod version of CameraEngine.

Contributors 🍻


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

This project is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. This project is open source under the MIT license, which means you have full access to the source code and can modify it to fit your own needs.

If you want to support the development of this library, feel free to Donate. Thanks to all contributors so far!


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