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@brophdawg11 brophdawg11 released this 26 Jan 18:28
· 685 commits to main since this release

What's Changed

Minor Changes

Support absolute URLs in <Link to>. If the URL is for the current origin, it will still do a client-side navigation. If the URL is for a different origin then it will do a fresh document request for the new origin. (#9900)

<Link to="">    {/* Document request */}
<Link to="//">          {/* Document request */}
<Link to=""> {/* Client-side navigation */}

Patch Changes

  • Fixes 2 separate issues for revalidating fetcher shouldRevalidate calls (#9948)
    • The shouldRevalidate function was only being called for explicit revalidation scenarios (after a mutation, manual useRevalidator call, or an X-Remix-Revalidate header used for cookie setting in Remix). It was not properly being called on implicit revalidation scenarios that also apply to navigation loader revalidation, such as a change in search params or clicking a link for the page we're already on. It's now correctly called in those additional scenarios.
    • The parameters being passed were incorrect and inconsistent with one another since the current*/next* parameters reflected the static fetcher.load URL (and thus were identical). Instead, they should have reflected the the navigation that triggered the revalidation (as the form* parameters did). These parameters now correctly reflect the triggering navigation.
  • Fix bug with search params removal via useSearchParams (#9969)
  • Respect preventScrollReset on <fetcher.Form> (#9963)
  • Fix navigation for hash routers on manual URL changes (#9980)
  • Use pagehide instead of beforeunload for <ScrollRestoration>. This has better cross-browser support, specifically on Mobile Safari. (#9945)
  • Do not short circuit on hash change only mutation submissions (#9944)
  • Remove instanceof check from isRouteErrorResponse to avoid bundling issues on the server (#9930)
  • Detect when a defer call only contains critical data and remove the AbortController (#9965)
  • Send the name as the value when url-encoding File FormData entries (#9867)
  • react-router-dom-v5-compat - Fix SSR useLayoutEffect console.error when using CompatRouter (#9820)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v6.7.0...v6.8.0