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Welcome to React Router · npm package build

React Router is a lightweight, fully-featured routing library for the React JavaScript library. React Router runs everywhere that React runs; on the web, on the server (using node.js), and on React Native.

If you're new to React Router, we recommend you start with the tutorial.

If you're migrating to v6 from v5 (or v4, which is the same as v5), check out the migration guide. If you're migrating from Reach Router, check out the migration guide for Reach Router. If you need to find the code for v5, it is on the v5 branch.

Documentation for v6 can be found on our website.


There are many different ways to contribute to React Router's development. If you're interested, check out our contributing guidelines to learn how you can get involved.


This repository is a monorepo containing the following packages:


Detailed release notes for a given version can be found on our releases page.


You may provide financial support for this project by donating via Open Collective. Thank you for your support!


React Router is developed and maintained by Remix Software and many amazing contributors.