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An open protocol for per-user storage on the Web

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  1. remotestorage.js remotestorage.js Public

    ⬡ JavaScript client library for integrating remoteStorage in apps

    JavaScript 2.3k 142

  2. armadietto armadietto Public

    RS server based on node.js

    JavaScript 99 12

  3. starter-kit starter-kit Public

    The quickest way to get started with a local remoteStorage server and a Hello World app as your starting point

    JavaScript 92 10

  4. spec spec Public

    remoteStorage Protocol Specification

    HTML 86 5

  5. rs-serve rs-serve Public

    A remoteStorage server for POSIX systems

    C 79 9

  6. remotestorage-server remotestorage-server Public

    Core HTTP behavior of a remoteStorage server, compliant with the latest three versions of the IETF draft

    JavaScript 56 4


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