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This repository is where we keep track of the versioning of the remoteStorage spec:**.txt

If you would like to suggest a change in the remoteStorage spec, you can open an issue on and discuss your proposal with the spec authors.


Each six months (max 185 days), the output is checked using idnits, submitted to the IETF as an Internet Draft, and published on the apps-discuss mailing list.

Authors of remoteStorage-based apps are encouraged to use a recent version of remotestorage.js, which aims to support each new spec version on the day it is released, at the latest.

Implementers of remoteStorage servers and clients are encouraged to always offer support for the latest three versions of the spec.

Storage providers should aim to expose the previous version of this spec, so that app authors have six months to update their apps before they become potentially incompatible.

The latest three versions can be thought of as 'new', 'live', and 'old'. When for instance version 03 was published, version 02 moved from 'new' to 'live', and version 01 moved from 'live' to 'old'.

So during the six months after version k is published, apps should add support for the 'new' version k, while still supporting 'live' version k-1 and 'old' version k-2. Storage providers should aim to switch from 'old' version k-2 to 'live' version k-1 as soon as possible after version k is released.

More info about remoteStorage in general can be found on


To build a new version, run:

    vim build.js # edit lines 1 and 2
    node build.js
    git status