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Fork of with some performance improvements and a streaming sample for OpenTK

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NVorbis is a .Net library for decoding Vorbis files.  It is purely
managed code, and should run correctly in partial-trust environments.

This implementation is based on the Vorbis specification found on
The MDCT and Huffman codeword generator were borrowed from public domain
implementations at

Currently the only container supported is Ogg.  Matroska and RTP
are planned.

To use:

- Create an instance of NVorbis.VorbisReader (pass the Ogg Vorbis filename in)
- Use these properties to gather data about the logical stream:
    - Channels
    - SampleRate
    - TotalTime		- A TimeSpan indicating the total length of the audio data
    - DecodedTime	- A TimeSpan indicating the last returned sample's timestamp
    - NominalBitrate, UpperBitrate, and LowerBitrate
        - These are the encoder's reported bitrates
    - Vendor	- The encoder's vendor string
    - Comments	- An array of comments in the file (usually tags)
- Call "int ReadSamples(float[], int, int)" to retrieve the next batch of
  samples.  It will return 0 when the logical Vorbis stream is done.

- For NAudio support:
    - Reference NVorbis.NAudioSupport.dll
    - Create an instance of NVorbis.NAudioSupport.VorbisWaveReader
    - VorbisWaveReader implements NAudio.Wave.WaveStream.

0.1	- 08/03/2012
    * Initial Release
0.2 - 08/07/2012
    * Swapped out LGPL code for public domain implementations
    * Relicensed under Ms-PL
    * Added NAudio support project
    * Added test files & app
    * Performance improvements
0.3 - 08/08/2012
    * Fixed Page / Packet decode (packets overlapping 2 pages)
    * Fixed "no energy" packet handling
    * Fixed packet reader not merging when unsolicited packets are added
    * Added .gitignore
    * Added initial multi-stream support
    * Added statistics (see VorbisReader.Stats)
0.4 - 08/14/2012
    * Refactoring to clean up code and make room for later improvements
    * Changed lapping algorithm to be simpler
    * Switched to higher-performance clipping algorithm
    * Some cleanup
0.4.1 - 09/11/2012
    * Fixed a couple Ogg container bugs
    * Optimized memory allocations for better performance / memory usage
0.5 - 09/20/2012
    * Added seeking support
    * Changed OggPacketReader to use a doubly-linked list for the packet queue / history
    * Changed OggPacketReader.GetTotalPageCount() to count pages directly instead of making .AddPacket(...) keep a list
    * Fixed a few bugs (mostly race conditions in multi-threaded playback scenarios)
    * Added multi-stream support to VorbisWaveReader
    * Added several info properties to VorbisWaveReader
0.5.5 - 11/15/2012
    * Added OpenTK support
    * Added makefiles for Mono
    * Added constructor to NAudioSupport for already opened Stream instances
    * Made Ogg container logic thread-safe
    * Cleanup & Optimization
0.6.0 - 
    * Rework ACache to be truly thread-safe
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